Why is At Home in East Lothian different?

Home Care in the LammermuirsAt Home in East Lothian has been set up to provide better and different care for older people and families living with dementia. How we will do this?

  • You will have the same staff team looking after you.
  • We build time into each visit to make sure our staff look after you properly.
  • You can expect our staff to be genuinely interested in you as a person.
  • All our staff are recruited because they care about others.
  • All our staff are properly trained, are professionally supervised and have a personal development plan they are working to
  • We pay our staff well so we can expect the best from them.

Our business model is also different, and should give you confidence that we will carry out our activities with integrity and honesty. As a social enterprise, any profit we make goes straight back into the business. We raise funds through grants and take on contracts as well as asking clients to pay for services.

At Home in East Lothian is a Social Enterprise and a local charity. The management team of AHiEL are responsible to a Board for the service. The Board do not own the organisation in the conventional sense, and our Directors do not benefit financially from their involvement with us. They do it because they want to make a difference, and find a new way of doing things that benefits our community.