Our values and vision for At Home in East Lothian

imagesF8N2WC70The following is taken directly from our business plan and our Care Inspectorate application, and states what we hope to live up to, and what clients can expect from us:

The objectives of the service are to provide a care service that is:

  • Focused on localised delivery by developing people as Home Care Workers who have the values base to provide excellent support
  • Provides continuity for the client and the Home Care Worker
  • Ensures stability of staffing where consistency builds authentic relationships and offers companionship
  • Involves the client as far as possible in choosing their Home Care Worker. Every effort will be made to recruit staff who are living close to the clients’ home to encourage reliability and stability
  • Provides an all-inclusive, flexible service to older people and their informal carers
  • The client will have the opportunity to move beyond activities of daily living and staff will encourage innovation and creativity
  • Adapt to the changing profiles and aspirations of older people.