Our history

At Home in East Lothian was set up in Haddington in 2014 to provide care for local people, enabling them to remain independent and stay in their own home as long as possible.Recruiting and training staff who care about providing quality care, was, and is, our key priority. At Home in East Lothian merged with McSence Care at Home in 2016.

McSence (Mayfield Community Self-Employed Natural Collective Exercise) was formed in 1988 by the community of Mayfield, as a response to the devastating effect of pit and factory closures in the area. The Group operates as a Social Enterprise and has grown to include five trading companies engaged in a wide range of ventures, including McSence Property Maintenance, McSence Workspace, McSence Conference Centre, McSence Training Services and McSence Care at Home.

Each of the five trading companies is a stand-alone organisation with its own professional management that is tasked with returning profits for the Group. At the end of each financial year, the profits accrued are gifted to the parent company, McSence Ltd which is a registered charity. McSence Ltd then uses these profits to reinvest in new business ventures or to distribute back to the community in the form of community grants. Many voluntary groups have received support in this way.

Although McSence is focused on the delivery of professional services to our clients, it continues to be a business run by the community, for the community. The Board of Directors form a cross section of the entire community and work on a voluntary basis without remuneration.