Using the AHIEL logo

The logo is supplied in 2 styles and the style guide is attached here: Style guidelines for AHEA logo.

If you wish to utilise the logo on your website, we have 4 different sizes and 2 styles. The recommended web color map is here:

Recommended web colors.

The following can be used on a white background

AHEA-logo-green-1000px AHEA-logo-green-600px AHEA-logo-green-300px AHEA-logo-green-150px


The following are designed to work on a coloured background.




Designers can use the following pdfs to create full size logos on white or colored backgrounds:

AHEA logo white out (for coloured backgrounds)

AHEA logo green (for white backgrounds)

Linking to the At Home in East Lothian website

If you wish to link to the website, please use the following address:

Remember to use At Home in East Lothian in the link text, or an appropriate text if linking to a specific page on our website. Also please use the right title/hover text, if you have control over the html.

NB. you don’t need to use the www!

Thank you