Your rights under SDS

Older Man Preparing to WriteSelf-directed support offers you much more flexibility, but managing it is also a responsibility. An important part of SDS is that a person can take on as much or as little responsibility they want depending on the options they choose.

If you go through the assessment process and think the money you are offered is not enough, you do not have to accept it. You can dispute the amount offered.

You will need to discuss with East Lothian Council what will happen while your complaint is being worked on. You can accept the individual budget if you want, while your complaint is being dealt with. If you do not want to do this while your complaint is being considered, you can choose to get arranged services instead.

To receive any service from your council you will be assessed financially (means tested) to see whether you should contribute some money to help pay for it. The  Council will charge you in the same way that it charges people it provides arranged services to.

If you are not happy with any action or decision of the council you should use the local council complaints procedure. You may find that an independent mediator can help solve the difficulty. If this is not successful then you can go to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman who will look into your complain independently.