How will you keep me safe?

At Home in East LothianFirstly, all our staff carry ID cards with our logo on it. They should show you their ID each time they visit, even if you know them well. Please don’t let anyone into your home if they won’t show an ID. If this happens, close the door on them and for peace of mind give us a call at our office.
All staff have uniforms with our logo on – polo shirts and waterproof jackets. If you would prefer that staff didn’t wear a uniform, then just let us know.

If you are not at home when we have arranged to visit, it may be that you have forgotten or you may have been taken ill. Our staff have rules to follow in this situation. They will check the outside of the house, ask a neighbour if they have seen you and phone your next of kin to see if they know where you are. If you’ve just forgotten, then no harm done.

All our staff are asked to check that your home is safe when they visit, and raise anything with you e.g. they will check that your appliances are safe and the carpets won’t trip you up.┬áIf you have equipment at home e.g. a hoist, our staff will check it every time, and make sure that any manufacturers’ or suppliers’ inspections have taken place.