Your funding options

Your funding optionsIf you or your family have decided you might need some help to live at home you have the choice of paying for our service yourself, applying to East Lothian Council for free support or mixing and matching paid and free services.

If you are assessed by the Council as not being eligible for free personal care support, or you think you won’t be eligible, you can pay us directly to support you. If you are eligible and get free support, you can always top up Council-funded hours of support for things they can’t pay for but which you believe are important to you e.g. companionship.

The decision about whether you are eligible for free support with personal care is made by a social worker from East Lothian Council based on an assessment of your needs and your age (over 65). We can put you in touch with the right person to do this. Be aware however that your needs must be high in order for you to be eligible and the Council can only offer funding to meet your personal care needs (e.g. getting up, help with medication, and bathing and personal grooming). Some people might be eligible for Self-Directed Support, but the same conditions may apply. You can find out more about this on this website.

Because we pay our staff relatively well, we have a minimum time and charge for some types of service.