How to start a conversation with us

youngerandolderWe understand that as people age or things change and you or your loved one need some support, it can be a difficult conversation to have. You may be a family member reading this, and are worried about your parents, but they seem reluctant to admit they need help.

We are respectful of this and will approach any discussion sensitively. Sometimes it is easier to start off with a small amount of support e.g. to do domestic tasks around the home or do the shopping. As our home care staff build up a relationship with our clients, other things can be talked about more openly.

Our Service Manager Marie will visit you and/or your loved ones at home at any time to meet you and talk about what you might want. You will not be under any obligation to take our service.
We work within East Lothian’s individual communities, and part of our job is to tap into local networks and other organisations to help you. Sometimes another service might be what’s needed, and we will be honest enough to advise you about these services even if you don’t want to proceed with ours.